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Louis Vuitton Women Handbags Top Handles Top Handles Infinity M92101

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A smaller, feminine interpretation of the classic aviator shape, these stylish half-rimmed sunglasses feature a metal frame partially covered in Louis Vuitton's iconic Monogram and Damier Azur canvases.

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Someone help kill the naysayers doubts for me So I posted a while back I am looking into the possibility of moving to the DFW area.

I'm planning a trip there in 2 weeks. Since talking to a few people, these are the comments I commonly hear, which I tend to take a grain of salt: 2. "You might not get hired with a Jewish last name, it's all very Christian down there." I doubt this one is true as I have received call backs on louis vuitton mens bracelet uk my resume, but since I won't be there for another 2 weeks, I'm holding off on sending until a week before. 3. "Traffic is horrible there". Umm I'm from NYC. Traffic is horrible in any major city and if I can handle traffic here, I can pretty much handle it anywhere. I found DC/Baltimore to be worse. 4. "It's extremely conservative down there, so your views will differ, you know". I'm not a liberal by any stretch, I'm more independent or middle of the road. And politics have never been a big thing with me. 5. "Why Dallas or Fort Worth? If I was going to move to any city in TX it would be maybe Austin". At least a dozen people have said this. I did initially look into this, however 1. No jobs in my field there and 2. I'm not a big fan of well, hipsters. I have enough here in Brooklyn. 6. and some people are fake". I have no idea on this one as I don't pass judgment. But there are all kinds of people here in NYC from fake to real, I imagine the DFW area is no different. 7. "Fort Worth is more Dallas' country bumpkin cousin, you might want to be there instead" I don't even know where to go with this one. I will make my own observations while there, but kind of tired of hearing the assumptions and narrow mindedness of other Northerners. They keep talking as if everyone below the Mason / Dixon line is all toothless rednecks still flying the Confederate Flag and making moonshine in their barn. I know quite a few people out there (9 total) and none of them are like that. What ammunition can I use when I keep hearing these ignorant comments? I won't speak on the ignorant/uninformed comments made by your co workers/friends and you should take it with a grain of salt b/c some people don't know how to express pride in where they're from w/out bashing somewhere else. I'd like the think the best way to quiet the naysayers is by simply stating the reason(s) you're leaving the place you call home. Good luck w/ your move. I'm a Dallas native living in NYC, and I absolutely hate it here in NYC. I will be moving back home to Dallas for good next year, and I seriously can't wait to move back home for good. Read my below post (I've bolded some parts of it) which I think will give you plenty of reasons to hate NYC and make you feel better about your move to Dallas. It's a lengthy read, but worth it. I got more reputation points on that post than any other post I've ever made, because lots of people resonated with my statements. Feel free to ask me any specific questions about Dallas, given that I currently live in NYC and am a native of Dallas. I'll be happy to help you out. I think you'll really enjoy the wonderful southern hospitality that Dallas has to offer! Also, want to feel better about your move to Dallas? Watch this excellent, informative video: I am so sick of this city, and will be leaving in less than two years to go back to my hometown (I'm originally from Dallas, where I lived all my life prior to moving to NYC), which I am thrilled about. NYC is a very nasty, cold, frustrating, and extremely challenging city to live in. I cannot wait to get out of this God forsaken hell hole. I have lived here for almost ten years. Every time I went on vacation, I found myself fantasizing about moving to wherever I went, whether it was Florida, Hawaii, California, the Pacific Northwest, the South, the Southwest, Europe, or anywhere else. locations, as long as place isn too ridden with crime (and maybe even if it is), it all better than living in New York City. In NYC, being nice is considered a fault of some sort, or something that demands repayment. I can't even explain a lot of typical situations I encountered everyday to relatives back home without shocking and disturbing them. I have gained several stress related conditions while living here (anxiety, high blood pressure), and they all completely developed during my time living in NYC. New Yorkers on the whole (NOT all New Yorkers are cold and nasty there are certainly some nice ones) are some of the rudest, coldest, nastiest individuals I have ever had the misfortune of encountering. The food is terrific, though, and it is the only thing that I will miss when I leave. A lot of restaurants are very unsanitary, however. Everyone I knew here frequently came down with food poisoning immediately after eating at restaurants of all kinds. Speaking of illnesses, colds, coughs, and flus spread like the plague in NYC, and you usually can avoid getting coughed or sneezed on a typical winter day. I always maintain good health and hygiene, but due to other people's complete disregard and general inconsiderateness for others (sneezing/coughing without covering their mouth), I got sick 4 separate times last year. The weather is also terrible here. In the summer, it is extremely hot and humid, which produces sweat while you're waiting down in the stifling (and very smelly) subway stations, with temperatures in excess of 100+ degrees. It rains a LOT here. Then, in the winter, it snows for long periods and can get very cold. If you enjoy these extremes in weather, then I can understand that. It is somewhat subjective and one person may have a different preference in weather. Also, the transportation system (MTA) is pathetic. It's open 24/7 and does reach most of the city, which is nice, but it's infested with rats, roaches, homeless, disgusting smells (including human waste, which is very disturbing), litter, dirt, dust, rust, and TOXIC BLACK MOLD (next time you're in a subway station, look up there's most likely toxic black mold growing this toxic black mold has adverse health hazards). The subway system is over 100 years old, so the MTA constantly has to do repairs everyday and on weekends just to try and keep up and keep the system from literally falling apart (even though they're failing miserably with the abysmal conditions of the subway system). Delays are the norm on the trains, and being crammed into the train and having to stand for your entire commute while being squished with tons of other people is not fun. It's extremely challenging to live in NYC, even doing basic things like laundry (hauling everything to the laundromat or down to your building's basement laundry room if you have one), or grocery shopping (carrying tons of bags, or using one of those silly carts that you see everyone pushing around). If you have a car, it's easier. However, if you live in a walk up building and you live on a high floor, it gets old very fast. Also, things like dishwashers, washers, and dryers are considered luxury appliances, and are very rare to have here (even in million dollar apartments), whereas in the rest of the country, they're very commonly found in homes. (Then again, if you're rich and you live in NYC, or anywhere for that matter, life will always be much easier for you.) Let's not forget about how absurdly expensive it is to live in NYC. Everything from monthly rent/mortgage to groceries is much more expensive here. The rent prices here are insane, and further emphasize the wealth disparity between the rich and the poor in NYC. Also, NYC has the highest combined city and state tax rates anywhere in the country. Groceries are also way overpriced, from a gallon of milk averaging $4 6 (!), and a box of cereal averaging $5 10 (!!!!). I've never understood why CEREAL is so expensive in NYC compared to other parts of the country. Take a look at cereal prices next time you go to your local grocery store and you'll see what I mean. I even shop at a crappy, pathetic excuse of a grocery store (C Town) and I live in Queens (not Manhattan, where grocery prices are even MORE expensive), and cereal prices range from $5 10. It's completely absurd. I feel bad for New Yorkers who have never been anywhere else. in a whole new way. There are so very many great places to live in this country, and people in those places don realize how good they have it. It weird, ever since I've lived in NYC, there have been certain negative emotions that I just don feel anywhere else (panic, rage, etc.), and certain positive ones that I just haven't ever felt here in NYC (serenity, relaxation, etc.). You can see exhaustion on other people's faces who live here and experience these same challenges everyday (look around next time you're on the train or out in public, and you'll see the locals who appear exhausted and overworked), not knowing that the grass truly is greener on the other side. To those who want to leave: It easier than you think, and you be happier (and wiser) in your new location. To born and bred New Yorkers: I know it painful to hear this, but where to buy louis vuitton in atlanta ga life really is kanye west louis vuitton shoes jaspers a lot easier outside NYC. Get out there and find out for yourself. You can afford an entire HOUSE with a nice big front and back yard, garage, washer/dryer/dishwasher, safe community, wonderful neighbors, etc for under $200,000 (in Dallas, for example there are many other cities around the nation that fit this description) your ENTIRE monthly mortgage payment would be less than the astronomical monthly rent that one pays to live in NYC! Do the math! To people who really do love New York: I can relate to you. louis vuitton neverfull copy I just don get it, and I really tried.

So I posted a while back I am looking into the possibility of moving to the DFW area. I'm planning a trip there in 2 weeks. Since talking to a few people, these are the comments I commonly hear, which I tend to take a grain of salt:.

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