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Louis Vuitton Women Handbags Top Handles Top Handles Infinity M91574

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Principal Findings and Management Responses CAFC Management Control Framework Audit The following summarizes the main audit findings based on the results described in Appendix A.

For each recommendation presented, management is expected to: Audit Finding 1: Risk ManagementThe CAFC did not have a formally documented risk management plan. Risks were described and mitigation actions or strategies were identified in the CAFC Business Plan, the Departmental Performance Report and the Report on Plans and Priorities. However, these were at a high level, and did not contain details, such as timelines and the identification of owners of actions items, that are typically included in a risk management plan. While a Unit Level Quality Assurance process was intended to be the process through which risks would be identified and integrated in business planning, louis vuitton mens sign it bracelet it was not fully implemented at the time of the audit. A formal risk management approach, consistent with section 18.3 of the RCMP Administration Manual, should consider the likelihood and impact of risks, identify corrective measures, and be linked to business planning. In the absence of a CAFC/CFP wide approach to louis vuitton shoes made in italy risk management, there could be undue risk of exposure to events that could affect the effectiveness, timeliness and efficiency of program delivery. Audit Recommendation 1 The D/Commr PSS should ensure that: CAFC management framework includes a formal risk management plan containing identification, communication, assessment and response to risk. Management Action Plan The CFP agrees with the finding and recommendation regarding the establishment of a formal risk management plan. A formal risk management plan will be put in place and this plan will address the requirements of the Treasury Board Secretariat Integrated Risk Management Framework and the RCMP. The approach to develop the risk management plan is projected to be completed by December 2009, with a louis vuitton outlet store in atlanta ga roll out to CFP units in April 2010. The final date for completion of the risk management plan is end of July, 2010, followed by the 1st cycle internal reviews by September 2011. Position responsible: Director of Strategic Integration and Program Management Services. Audit Finding 2: nothing to reportThe CAFC had service standards in place for processing complete and accurate licence applications (30 days) and registration applications (45 days). Complete and accurate applications were system approved in CFIS. Licence applications that could not be system approved in CFIS were forwarded to CFO offices for follow up, and the existing service standards did not apply. Therefore, the service standards that were being monitored did not accurately measure the work conducted by CFO offices, because much of their work does not have standards. Significant delays in processing FIPs may result in a risk to public safety. Additional service standards could be developed for licensing processes to provide a more accurate reflection of the quality of CFO services provided, and the resource levels required to provide these services. Audit Recommendation 3 The D/Commr PSS should ensure that: Appropriate service standards are established for the range of CAFC services, including services provided at CFO offices. Management Action Plan The CFP agrees with the finding and recommendation regarding the establishment of appropriate service standards for the range of CFP services. The CFP is going to focus on the top areas requiring service standards, based on the highest risk, most amount of time devoted, and public safety benefits.

The service standards will be identified by January 2010. Consultation with CFOs and partners will occur prior to April 2010, and rollout of standards by where can i get my louis vuitton authentication June 2010.

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