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Louis Vuitton Women Handbags Top Handles Top Handles Infinity M91865

Description Model: M30058 50 Units in Stock
The elegant Lozan case in Taiga leather features four pockets to hold files, agenda and magazines.

Taiga leather discreetly stamped with the LV initials, rounded leather handles
Silvery brass pieces
Zip closure<...

Sveshnikov Variation Needs Repair The final, 6th games of the GM matches in Hoogeveen have proven successful for Anish Giri and Baadur Jobava again.

Thus, the scores are identical in both matches: 4.5 1.5. Let us remind you that Giri and Jobava had already secured their victories over Alexei Shirov and Jan Timman respectively the day before. The Latvian GM, who had recently scored convincing match victories over Daniil Dubov and Evgeny Sveshnikov, had a much tougher opponent this time for young, talented and bright Dutchman Anish Giri has already entered the world top 10 (not the top 3 yet where both Shirov and Timman had stayed during their best periods). The final win by Giri draws one attention to Black current difficulties in a well known sharp line of the Sveshnikov variation. The Unive festival is underway in the Dutch town of Hoogeeven, the key event louis vuitton bags neverfull price being two matches of 6 games each which have seen their half way point yesterday. So far, the younger GMs haven lost a single game to their experienced opponents: Anish Giri is winning 2.5 to 0.5 against Alexei Shirov, Baadur Jobava has 2 1 vs Jan Timman. Hoogeveen: Giri and Jobava Victorious One Day Before Finish The scores are identical: 3.5 1.5 to the younger GMs Riga: First 2 Games Won By Shirov. With a Little Bit of Luck The friendly match between Evgeny Sveshnikov and Alexey Shirov has started yesterday in the capital of Latvia. It consists of 6 games with the 50+10 time limit, 2 games each day. The first day saw two victories by the younger GM. In game 1, Shirov punished his rival for the unnecessary materialism: Two GM Matches in Hoogeveen: Giri vs Shirov, Timman vs Jobava The 18th Unive Chess Festival has started in Hoogeveen, the Netherlands. This year, its highlight is two separate GM matches (instead of a double round robin of four players, as previously). Two Dutch Grandmasters will face two invited ones: Anish Giri (2768) plays Alexei Shirov (Latvia, 2691), while the veteran Jan Timman (2601) faces Baadur Jobava (Georgia, 2717). Both matches consist of 6 games and are starting today, on October 12th. Riga, Day 2: Opening Specialties Didn louis vuitton agenda filler Help Sveshnikov, Shirov Already Victorious in the Match Evgeny Sveshnikov kept sticking to his opening specialties in Sicilian Defence. Riga: 5.5 0.5 to Shirov Who Wins Two Final Games Biel: Giri Losses Control Over Position.

Second Loss Iin a Row The only decisive game of Round 2 of the grandmasters tournament of Biel festival brought a point to Pentala Harikrishna who defeated Anish Giri. The Indian player chose not the strongest line of the ITalina game and Black maintained equality for a while, however, louis vuitton neverfull mm price closer louis vuitton neverfull lv to the time control the young representative of the Netherlands lost control over the position and lost his second game in a row.

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