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Louis Vuitton Women Handbags Top Handles Top Handles Infinity M92226

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The debate that could make or break the new Germany On Thursday, the bpb hosted a panel discussion about the events and consequences of New Year Eve in Cologne last year.

The stage was set for an academic and two journalists. But the audience not your standard handful of students and retirees was overflowing. Picture the opposite of Trump inauguration: All 100 seats were full and two dozen people stood in the aisles. My guess is that they wanted to know more about the future of Germany. That is the gravity of this debate right now. The evening had two unofficial acts. The first was a discussion among experts. Peter Pauls, the former editor in chief of Cologne largest daily louis vuitton neverfull pochette newspaper, was the representative of 'the press.' His position was that no, there was no Schweigekartell, or "hush cartel", a term of abuse used by the right wing to describe the 'press' downplaying the extent of sexual assault that occurred in Cologne on louis vuitton bags pinterest New Year's Eve last year. Instead, he blamed the "structural arrogance" of national newspapers. He blamed the weekend for interfering in the rapid spreading of the story. But most of all, he said that his paper, the Klner Stadt Anzeiger, in deference to the standards of journalism, has always been skeptical of stories that indict a minority population. Given that there were no journalists on the spot that night (as there were this year) and that the Cologne police had reported that the night was "peaceful", his paper didn't do anything irresponsible. A few days is not a long time to wait for the facts to come in. In perhaps his most intriguing contribution to the debate, Pauls focused on the new media to explain why newspapers seemed to be oddly silent. "Information is no longer exclusive," he said. First hand accounts from social media like Twitter and Facebook have no local limits, so they can spark debates before journalists can apply a professional lens to the matter. Separating rumors on social media from real scoops can be a difficult and time consuming task. Especially when dealing with keywords like "refugees" and "rape", it's not unwise to take a deep breath first. Especially when dealing with keywords like "refugees" and "rape", it's not unwise to take a deep breath first. Mithu M. Sanyal, the academic of the group, started off with a story of her husband (like her a person of color) being handcuffed by the police because he didn show his ID enough. After the anecdote, however, Sanyal catapulted into a theoretical world that left a chunk of the audience behind. At once a feminist and anti racist, she tried to bring louis vuitton shoes sale the two positions together, which didn quite work. At one point she suggested that one solution to the mass sexual assaults could be voluntary sexual counseling. there are men who sit around saying fiki to women who walk by, she said, but many of them would be glad to learn more about gender equality. That theory went off like a wet firework. The real uproar came later, however, when she said louis vuitton agenda 2013 diary refill this: crisis narrative has become the dominant narrative. crisis is normal. We're living in permanent crisis. you had read her new book Rape: Aspects of a Crime, you could interpret this favorably: Women are under constant threat from men, equality under constant pressure from patriarchy, and rape is a horrible expression of patriarchy. It happened before the Cologne New Year's Eve and still continues. But the crowd gasped. Of course they did. She had just said that what happened in Cologne was normal, which is tantamount to confirming Pegida's theory that the Left thinks rape is okay when committed by foreigners. Which brings us to Act II: The incursion of the crowd. And what the crowd wanted to talk about was this New Year's Eve. This year, the police had bragged on Twitter that they had stopped "hundreds of Nafris" at the central train station in Cologne and thereby kept the city safe. In response, a debate erupted on so about racial profiling. One of the first voices was an older German woman who supported the actions of the police. "Racism is judging a group of people because of their skin color, not judging a group of people because of their behavior."There was a general mumbling of agreement, peppered with sneers. The response from the panelists was timid, apologetic. None pointed out the fact that the group the police stopped at the central station was defined by their skin color and not their behavior. No one talked about the absurdity of seeing the of last year and of this year as a continuous group without identifying individuals among them. No one mentioned the recent press statement from the police admitting that the majority of Nafris they stopped this year were not actually from North Africa but from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and not surprisingly Germany. Then a cry from the back of the audience. "I'm sorry, but it is racism we're talking about." A young woman of color, standing next to two other women of color, had interjected with impatience in her voice. Together, these three women made up the majority of the non white members of the crowd. "It is racism. The question we're debating is not whether it is racism, but how legitimate racism is. Racial profiling is racism." The question we're debating is not whether it is racism, but how legitimate racism is. Racial profiling is racism." This was punctuated by an outburst of applause. The debate continued on like this, with the panelists giving cautious answers and the audience returning with sometimes on point, sometimes borderline conspiracy comments. (In one memorable episode, an older man gave a sharp, if rambling, critique of the press, to which Pauls replied just as sharply: don't want to talk about the he said. are talking about multiple things here. the lights came on, the crowd, which had begun a rapid decent into political warfare of the kind that has drawn blood in South Africa and the US, was suddenly once again civil, almost neutral. People were talking about where they would go to have a few beers. The woman who had emotionally accused the media of labeling the police as racist told me she came out on this cold evening because like to go to public events like this. She wasn't a Pegida adherent, she was a retired psychologist who felt like the severity of what happened a year ago was still being covered up. was something we've never seen before.

women of color who had spoken up from the back also told me they felt like they were being smothered by an austere public discourse. generally agrees with the police, one of the women, a student in Cologne, told me. think security is more important than racism.

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