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    Louis Vuitton Women Handbags Top Handles Top Handles Infinity M91439

Louis Vuitton Women Handbags Top Handles Top Handles Infinity M91439

Description Model: M30538 50 Units in Stock
This compact key holder in Taiga leather holds six keys on individual brass hooks.
3.9 x 2.8 inches (Length x Height)
Taiga leather discreetly stamped with the LV initials, silvery brass pieces
Snapped flap closure<...

Privatisation the only solution to poor service delivery The term 'service delivery' is mentioned daily and everybody seems to agree that there should be more of it.

Examples that spring to mind are garden services, carpet cleaning services or taking your car in for a service.The crunch point here is that service is something that somebody pays for. Service delivery is easy there are possibly thousands of people and companies around the country who are prepared to provide the services. Just pay them.So we have to make a distinction between 'service delivery' and a 'charitable freebee'. They are not the same thing. In fact, a charitable freebee is also paid louis vuitton bags made in france for, but not by the person receiving the service. When I was a member of the wonderful charity organisation, Round Table, we used to go out and paint an orphanage 'free'Actually, we, the Round Table members, bought louis vuitton love bracelet the paint with money we had raised. We would then gather at the venue, having paid for our own petrol, and worked all day and paid for our own lunch and the great amber liquid that was necessary for good painting. We then handed over the completed louis vuitton purses from china job to the orphanage 'free.'So when commenting on service delivery, one has to ask the very important question: Who is actually paying for the service delivery. If it is the people who are getting the louis vuitton neverfull pm review service, then they are entitled to gripe loudly or withhold their rates, or whatever if they don't receive it. If, on the other hand, they are getting the service 'free', then one should be conscious of who is actually paying.If a municipality is responsible for service delivery, but simply has no money, then all the noise in the world will not provide the service, unnless, of course, the municipality goes and borrows money against the proposed income of its ratepayers, who may or may not be getting services for the money that they have already paid.If the municipality does have the money, but is just too inefficient to go out and render the service, then it needs a kick in the pants or, better still, replacing its management with people who will take their responsibilities seriously.South Africa has a number of large municipalities, which, over recent years, have been made larger. They must be very tough to run, particularly since they are not profit orientated entities, which usually have owners or shareholders, who demand performance.To my mind, there is only one solution that has any chance of success in the short term and forever, for that matter, and this is to break up service issues into smaller units and then to privatise wherever possible.Take garbage collection as an illustration. In Pretoria, there have been a number of garbage collector strikes this year. Recently, when I walked out of my office to see, yet again, overflowing bins and black bags in the street, I spoke to the gardener and griped about when the garbage would be collected.He looked reasonably surprised and said: "Oh, when the municipality pays them what it owes them." And I asked: "what does it owe?" He said that the garbage guys had asked for a pay rise a month ago and had not been paid yet. I had to explain that asking for it, or actually demanding it, by way of a strike did not constitute an agreement.He also did not know where the municipality money came from. He assumed that they had a vast pile of money that sort of fell out of the sky. I told him that I was one of the people who paid the garbage workers, by way of my rates. He was quite amazed.Garbage collection could be done by many small private companies. A municipality can divide its collection area up into units, which can be offered on a contract basis to collectors. There would be strict rules, of course. For example, only sealed vehicle would be permitted, and these would collect garbage each week on the same day, and so on.

Any private enterprise guy getting such a contract would do a good job or lose the contract. If there were a dozen or more competitor contractors in one city, even better. They would police one another, in the sense that they would want to take a competitor's contract.

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