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    Louis Vuitton Women Handbags Top Handles Top Handles Infinity M91940

Louis Vuitton Women Handbags Top Handles Top Handles Infinity M91940

Description Model: N58009 50 Units in Stock
Whether it is clipped to another bag or carried independently, the Mini Pochette Accessoires in striking Damier canvas is a playful addition to any wardrobe.
5.5 x 3.5 x 0.8 inches (Length x Height x Width)
Zipper closu...

term consequences of a splenectomy AnswerI'm sorry to hear about your car accident.

You've obviously suffered quite a nasty injury. The spleen is prone to bleeding when it is injured as a result of abdominal trauma, particularly to the top left hand corner of the abdomen, where the spleen is tucked under the ribs. The spleen is the main organ in which the body immune system does its work, and once it is removed, you suffer louis vuitton shoes ebay some loss of immunity to certain types of bacterial infection. This will make you more vulnerable to illnesses caused by bacteria such as Streptococcus pneumoniae (Pneumococcus) and Haemophilus influenzae. If you plan to travel you are also more susceptible to certain tropical diseases, such as malaria. The risk of severe infections such as pneumonia, meningitis and septicaemia depends on your age and whether there is another complicating illness. The louis vuitton duffle bag amazon risk is higher in children, up to the age of 16, and in those folk you have their spleen removed because of a blood disease. Broadly speaking, 1 5 percent of those without spleens will suffer a serious infection over a period of 10 years. Because you are 18, and otherwise healthy, your risk is probably at the lower end of that spectrum. Although it used to be said that serious infection was more likely in the first two years after splenectomy, you need to consider your susceptibility to this sort of infection as lifelong. The main point to remember is that if you ever become unwell with fever, severe sore throat, cough, flu like illness, headache and/or drowsiness, skin rash louis vuitton bags in amazon or abdominal pain, it would be wise to seek medical advice so that louis vuitton purses burned you can be treated with antibiotics if appropriate. If you intend to travel to tropical areas, seek advice about malaria avoidance and take it seriously. Always mention the absence of your spleen when you consult a doctor or a nurse, so that your notes can be clearly marked with the information. It might be worth buying a Medic Alert bracelet so that the information is available if ever you're ill and unconscious.

You can contact The Medic Alert Foundation. Some additional protection against infection can be offered by vaccinations to these bacteria and by long term courses of regular antibiotics (perhaps for a couple of years after the operation). However, the benefit of regular antibiotics will depend on your own particular circumstances and on the view of your medical advisers, so I think you need to have a dialogue about this with both your specialist and your GP.

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