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Louis Vuitton Women Handbags Top Handles Top Handles Infinity M91454

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The most structured of the iconic Louis Vuitton handbags, the Alma was originally designed in the 1930s by Gaston-Louis Vuitton. Named after the Alma bridge over the river Seine, it captures the essence of Parisian chic in Mono...

Revolutionary Foldable Smartphone Shows Shape 's Human Media Lab to unveil PaperFold at Toronto conference KINGSTON ON Queen's professor Roel Vertegaal and student Antonio Gomes are unveiling PaperFold, a ground breaking foldable smartphone.

The technology is being released on Monday at the ACM CHI 2014 conference in Toronto widely regarded louis vuitton shoes size chart as the most important conference on interaction techniques for new technologies. The shape changing smartphone allows users louis vuitton artsy gm dimensions to fold open up to three flexible electrophoretic displays to provide extra screen real estate when needed. Displays are detachable such that users can fold the device into various shapes that can range from an ultra notebook shape to a foldout map. "In PaperFold, each display tile can act independently or as part of a single system," says Dr. Vertegaal, a professor in the School of Computing and Director of the Human Media Lab at Queen's. "It allows multiple device form factors, providing support for mobile tasks that require large screen real estate or keyboards on demand, while retaining an ultra compact, ultra thin and lightweight form factor." PaperFold automatically recognizes its shape and changes its graphics to provide different functionality upon shape changes. For example, folding the device into an ultra notebook form factor opens up a keyboard on the bottom screen. Typically, mobile devices require scrolling or zooming in louis vuitton neverfull mm review order to see different parts of a document whereas paper can be folded, detached or combined allowing it to be accessed in multiple parallel forms. "The development of electronic paper computers that can adopt similar qualities to paper has been an enduring research goal for our team," says Dr. Vertegaal. "Books use folding louis vuitton neverfull inside as both a navigational and space saving technique, and paper maps have malleable display sizes. The PaperFold smartphone adopts folding techniques that makes paper so versatile, and employs them to change views or functionality of a smartphone, as well as alter its screen real estate in a flexible manner. PaperFold demonstrates how form could equal function in malleable mobile devices." About Human Media Lab The Human Media Lab (HML) at is one of Canada's premier Human Computer Interaction (HCI) laboratories. Inventions include ubiquitous eye tracking sensors, Smart Pause, PaperPhone, the world's first flexible phone and PaperTab, the world's first flexible paper computer. HML is directed by Dr. Roel Vertegaal, Professor of HCI at 's School of Computing. 77513 Gomes, A. and Vertegaal, R. PaperFold: A Shape Changing Mobile Device with Multiple Reconfigurable Electrophoretic Magnetic Display Tiles.

In Extended Abstracts of ACM CHI'14 Conference on Human Factors in Computing. ACM Press, 2014. [PDF].

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louis vuitton neverfull brown

louis vuitton neverfull brown

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