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    Louis Vuitton Women Handbags Top Handles Top Handles Infinity M91791

Louis Vuitton Women Handbags Top Handles Top Handles Infinity M91791

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Inspired by the House's first wallets, the Josephine is a playful and modern variation of a classic design in supple Monogram canvas with a fresh lining color. Its long flat shape slips easily into any pocket or handbag.

SA plastic bag ban sees boom in bin A new report tabled in the South Australian parliament shows that despite overwhelming community support for a plastic bag ban in the State, sales of bin liners have increased by more 80 per cent in South Australia (SA).

According to research conducted by the Ehrenberg Bass Institute for Marketing Science at the University of South Australia, the plastic bag ban, which was implemented in South Australia in May 2009, has seen the household purchase of bin liners increase from 15 per cent to 80 per cent. The new research suggests that earlier claims by the South Australian Government that the ban was a "remarkable success" might have been premature. The latest research, which was conducted in November 2012, shows the reality of the ban's implementation is perhaps more complicated. The study was based on the observation of 614 supermarket shoppers across a range of retail grocery stores and geographic locations in South Australia, interviews with 278 of the observed shoppers louis vuitton bags with initials as they exited grocery stores, 77 interviews with people in a general shopping mall setting, and in depth interview with 13 members of the task force dedicated to phasing out plastic bags in the State. The study found that the ban on lightweight single use plastic shopping bags has not stopped households lining their bins, which has led to the increase in the purchase of bin liners. "When bags are not given free from the supermarket people now buy bin liners," she said. "They don't tend to use as many bin liners as they would receive plastic bags from the supermarket, so they're not sending the same number to landfill, they're not throwing plastic bags out," she added. The general reduction in the number of plastic bags being thrown out may have contributed to the significant reduction in the percentage of lightweight plastic bags in landfill in South Australia. Data from litter reduction advocacy group Keep Australia Beautiful showed that there had 45% decrease in the percentage of lightweight single use plastic shopping bags contributing to the litter stream in South Australia since the ban. "As one of the overarching aims of the ban was to cause consumers to behave in a greener way future initiatives should examine how also to change bin lining behaviour," said the report. The ban has had some successes, however. Consumer attitude toward the louis vuitton mens shoes size 9 ban was generally positive. The majority of consumers told researchers that they remember to take their own bags 8 out of 10 times they visit the grocery store. More than two thirds of consumers were observed not only to take their own bags, but also to take enough bags for their total shop. Only a quarter of consumers purchased bags from the supermarket. A further 11 per cent of shoppers bought so few items that they did not require a bag. Exit interview with grocery shoppers indicated a positive consumer response, with only 4 per cent saying they never took their own bags, and a further 20 per cent saying they took their own louis vuitton leather bracelet uk bags less than 50 per cent of the time. Retailers' responses to the ban The transition for retailers was reported to be mostly smooth, with 50 per cent of retailers reporting having had no issues. Overall, researchers found that retailers were positive about the implementation of the ban, although a few felt the time frame for implementation was too fast. Retailers told researchers that the marketing campaign for the ban played a significant role in the in its smooth implementation. "Communication from the government ensured that retailers were not seen as profiteering but simply implementing new government legislation," said the report. Consumers said they owned more 'green bags' than any other type of reusable bag, although said they were attempting to reuse all types of bags. The perception among shoppers was that 'green bags' last significantly longer than the heavy plastic or thicker plastic bags (15.9 months for 'green bags', compared to 5.2 months for heavy plastic and 2.8 months for thicker plastic bags). More than half of consumers interviewed were supportive of extending the ban to include heavy and thick plastic bags, like those used in department stores. But researchers pointed out that the alternative, 'green bags', are often also made of plastic and have a limited lifespan, saying that only a third of consumers said they had recycled 'green bags' they no longer wanted to use. Researchers found that almost half of consumers said they thrown out at least one resusable bag in the last six months. Of these, 58 per cent threw out a 'green bag' and 48 per cent a heavy plastic bag. Two thirds said they threw the bag out because it had worn out, 34 per cent said the bag was dirty, and 15 per cent said they threw the bag out because they had too many. The report recommended that any future initiatives should include information for consumers about how to recycle their reusable bags when they reached the end of their lifespan. Meanwhile, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and Northern Territory (NT) have also banned plastic bags. Australian Food louis vuitton bags on sale News reported in January 2013 that Canberrans were supportive of the ban in the ACT. NSW to introduce 10c refunds for drink containers and cansThe NSW State Government yesterday confirmed the introduction of 10 cent refunds for drink container. Woolworths to close more stores, 500 HQ jobs to go now, new 3 5 year turnaround planThe Woolworths Group has announced it is culling 500 head office jobs and closing seventeen Woolwort. Australians identify ingredients hate listNielsen research has found almost half of Australian consumers wish there were more "all natural" fo.

Senate Committee favours volumetric tax system for alcohol in AustraliaThe Senate Committee investigating the impact of regulations over Australia's alcohol industry has r. Wine descriptions make us emotionalResearch by the University of Adelaide has shown that consumers are much more influenced by wine lab. Researchers call for Health Star Rating System to be extended to fast foodHealth Star Ratings should be extended to cover fast food restaurants across Australia says a new re.

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