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Louis Vuitton Women Handbags Top Handles Top Handles Infinity M92379

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Professor Richard de Dear Over the last 35 years, has focused his research career on defining what occupants want and need from their built environments, and assessing the performance of buildings in terms of meeting those requirements.

He is currently the most highly cited living researcher in the domain of thermal comfort, with over 250 peer reviewed papers plus several monographs on the subject. Within that body of research it is his adaptive model of thermal comfort that had the greatest impact, not just on the research community but also on the design and operation of actual buildings. De Dear adaptive model underpins the American Society of Heating and the Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers thermal comfort standard, ASHRAE 55 2004, 2010, 2013, which in turn, informs several national thermal comfort standards around the world. The adaptive model positive reception in both research and practice arenas can best be explained against the backdrop of global climate change. In meeting the needs of their occupants buildings must mitigate their deleterious impacts on environment wherever possible, but also adapt to the climate change that is already These are global concerns, but nowhere are they more pressing than in the newly industrialised BRIC economies where the intensity of construction activity is greatest. For this reason de Dear collaborative research network has included increasing numbers of East and South Asian, and South America researcher groups in recent years. Prof De Dear academic career has included appointments around the world, including the Technical University of Denmark, National University of Singapore, Macquarie University, and since 2009, The University of Sydney where he is the inaugural Director of the Indoor Environmental Quality Lab. De Dear is also currently serving as an editor for Energy and Buildings, Indoor Air, and ASHRAE archival research journal, Science and Technology for the Built Environment. 1991 2009 Environmental and Life Sciences, Macquarie University, Sydney. 1987 1991 National University of Singapore. 1985 1987 postdoc, Laboratory of Heating and Air Conditioning, Technical University of Denmark. Visiting and Adjunct Professorships Center for the Built Environment, University of California at Berkeley, USA (since 1992). of Building Science, Tsinghua University, Beijing China (since 2012). Centre for Advanced Research in Building Science and Energy CEPT louis vuitton neverfull dupe University, Ahmedabad, India (since 2011). Department of Building Thermal Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin China (since 2016). Center for Indoor Environment and Energy, Technical University of Denmark (August 2000 January 2001). of Architecture and Urban Planning (CAUT), Tongji University, Shanghai China (Since 2013). School bracelet louis vuitton d&occasion of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tianjin University, Tianjin China (since 2013). School of Architecture and Environment, Sichuan University, Chengdu China (since 2015). School of Civil Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai China (since 2015). College of Human Ecology, Yonsei University, Seoul Korea (since 2005). Faculty of Science, Macquarie University, Sydney Australia (since 2010). of Architecture and Building, Deakin University, Geelong Australia (2001 2004). Member Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand Consultant Consuling, expert witness and training services for: Walkt Disney Imagineering (USA), Benfield Pty Ltd. (Aust), Lincolne Scott Pty Ltd (Aust), Australian Greenhouse Office (Aust), Air International Pty Ltd (Aust), Australian Government Solicitor, Holmes Air Sciences Pty Ltd louis vuitton w bags price (Aust), Hungry Jacks Pty Ltd, (Aust), Built Environment Unit, Dept. of Administrative Services (Qld), American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers Inc. (USA). Member or Editor Building Research, Building and Environment, Architectural Science Review, Climate Research, International Journal of Biometeorology, Journal of the Human Environment System. Innovation in Advanced Multi Story Housing Manufacture; Aitchison M, Muslimin R, Gurran N, de Dear R, Loschke S; Department of Industry, Innovation and Science/Cooperative Research Centre Project. Challenging lease agreements in Australia: quantifying the effects of higher temperature set points on office workers productivity and thermal comfort; Candido C, de Dear R, Kim J, Parkinson T, Zhang F; City of Sydney Council/Environmental Grants. Energy savings in commercial buildings using real time pervasive monitoring of IEQ performance; de Dear R, Candido C, Kim J, Parkinson louis vuitton bags vs chanel bags T, Zhang F; City of Sydney Council/Environmental Grants. Solving the problem of speech distraction in open plan offices; de Dear R, Cabrera D, Kim J; Australian Research Council (ARC)/Discovery Projects (DP). de Dear, R., Kim, J. (2016). Thermal Comfort Inside and Outside Buildings. In Yukio Tamura, Ryuichiro Yoshie (Eds.), Advanced Environmental Wind Engineering, (pp. 89 99). Japan: Springer. [More Information] Jendritzky, G., de Dear, R. (2009). Adaptation and Thermal Environment. In Kristie L. Ebi, Ian Burton, Glenn R. McGregor (Eds.), Biometeorology for Adaptation to Climate Variability and Change, (pp. 9 32). Netherlands: Springer Science+Business Media. [More Information] Erlandson, T., Cena, K., de Dear, R. (2005). Gender differences and non thermal factors in thermal comfort of office occupants in a hot arid climate. In Yutaka Tochihara, Tadakatsu Ohnaka (Eds.), Environmental Ergonomics: The Ergonomics of Human Comfort, Health and Performance in the Thermal Environment (Elsevier Ergonomics Book Series: Volume 3), (pp.

263 268). United Kingdom: Elsevier. [More Information].

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