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    Louis Vuitton Women Handbags Top Handles Top Handles Infinity M91581

Louis Vuitton Women Handbags Top Handles Top Handles Infinity M91581

Description Model: M64422 50 Units in Stock
This coin purse in Ta?ga leather is a simple and refined accessory. Its small format allows it to fit easily in a pocket or in the bags of the collection.
3.15 x 3.15 inches (Length x Height)
Ta?ga leather, cross grain ...

Revolutionary flexible smartphone allows users to feel the buzz Queen's University's Human Media Lab to unveil world's first wireless flexible louis vuitton bracelet charm smartphone; simulates feeling of navigating pages via haptic bend input KINGSTON Researchers at Queen's University's Human Media Lab have developed the world's first full colour, high resolution and wireless flexible smartphone to combine multitouch with bend input.

The phone, which they have named ReFlex, allows users to experience physical tactile feedback when interacting with their apps through bend gestures. "This represents a completely new way of physical interaction with flexible smartphones" says Roel Vertegaal (School of Computing), director of the Human Media Lab at Queen's University. "When this smartphone is bent down on the right, pages flip through the fingers from right to louis vuitton luck it bracelet left, just like they would in a book. More extreme bends speed up the page flips. Users can feel the sensation of the page moving through their fingertips via a detailed vibration of the phone. Bend sensors behind the display sense the force with which a user bends the screen, which is made available to apps for use as input. ReFlex also features a voice coil that allows the phone to simulate forces and friction through highly detailed vibrations of the display. Combined with the passive force feedback felt when bending the display, this allows for a highly realistic simulation of physical forces when interacting with virtual objects. "This allows for the most accurate physical simulation of interacting with virtual data possible on a smartphone today," says Dr. Vertegaal. "When a user plays the "Angry Birds" game with ReFlex, they bend the screen to stretch the sling shot. As the rubber band expands, users experience vibrations that louis vuitton gamble bracelet price simulate those of a real stretching rubber band. When released, the band snaps, sending a jolt through the phone and sending the bird flying across the screen." Dr. Vertegaal thinks bendable, flexible smartphones will be in the hands of consumers within five years. Queen's researchers will unveil the ReFlex prototype at the tenth anniversary Conference on Tangible Embedded and Embodied Interaction (TEI) conference in Eindhoven, The Netherlands on February 17th. The annual forum is the world's premier conference on tangible human computer interaction. This research was support by Immersion Canada, Inc. and Vertegaal, R. ReFlex: A Flexible Smartphone with Active Haptic Feedback for Bend Input. In Proceedings of ACM TEI'16 Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction, ACM Press, 2016. he Human Media Lab (HML) at Queen's University is one of Canada's premier Human Computer Interaction (HCI) laboratories. Inventions include ubiquitous eye tracking sensors, eye tracking TVs and cellphones, PaperPhone, the world's first flexible phone, PaperTab, louis vuitton trunks & bags the world's first flexible iPad and TeleHuman, the world's first pseudo holographic teleconferencing system. HML is directed by Dr. 77513.

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