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    Louis Vuitton Women Handbags Top Handles Top Handles Infinity M92102

Louis Vuitton Women Handbags Top Handles Top Handles Infinity M92102

Description Model: M60484 50 Units in Stock
Carry the essentials in an elegant casual style with the chic Pochette Accessoires in Monogram Idylle canvas. This slightly more generous interpretation can easily accommodate a Zippy wallet.
9.1 x 5.1 x 1.6 inches (Length x...

Six Things about Photography I Learned While Covering the Global Media Forum My second favorite picture I took during the GMF.

A look behind the scenes at the GMF: Max filming an interview with his smart phone. When louis vuitton bags galleries we started covering the Global Media Forum (GMF), I was looking forward to two things: First, I wanted to finally learn how toproperly use Twitterby livetweeting not one, but two workshops from louis vuitton alma knock off the official GMF Twitter account. Here are six lessons about photography I took away from the GMF: When we took a photography seminar with Boris Geilert a few weeks ago, the mantra he kept repeating over and over again was: compose, shoot! He said that it makes sense to use the automatic focus of the camera in most situations because this saves time. But in order to have control over what is in focus in your picture and what isn you should first focus on the subject of the picture, then compose the frame, then shoot the picture. (If you focus, shoot you only ever end up with whatever is at the center of the picture in focus.) This was immensely helpful at the louis vuitton agenda diary refill 2015 GMF, because we often had to shoot pictures super quickly. I always been a very passionate, but also super tech lazy photographer, the kind of person who brings the camera along for everything but only ever uses autofocus with at best a very vagueidea what all those strange sounding abbreviations (ISO? F? AF? MF? AWB? mean. And surprise! (yeah, I know, not really) I ended up taking better pictures! (Sorry if this is all super obvious stuff I said, this stuff is new to me because I a chronicallytech lazy photographer.) 3. Different skin tones need different camera settings For a picture gallery on the fashion of the GMF,I took aportrait of two quite dark skinned people afterI photographeda pale white man. Because I was shooting at basically the same spot with the exact same lighting, I didn change any of my settings, but when I took a quick look atthe pictures, they appeared as essentially two black blobs you couldn see any of their features. So I quickly changed the ISOsetting to a higher numberand the portraits came out perfectly. After I changed the guy settings a nice portrait. I freaking love this picture! Because, unlike the other people we portrayed, I sort of knew her, I didn shy away fromasking her to move two times to find the ideal setting for the photograph first because the background looked a bit boring, Background: Too boring! then, because the lighting was too harsh. A more traditional portrait Look at that hair! (I also saved a ton of time here by following Boris advice to Compose, Shoot Be opento the unexpected A Nigerian journalist in an A+ outfit and A+ lighting reporting from the boat trip along the Rhine My favorite picture from the GMF is apictureI stumbled across unexpectedly. I took this picture on the boat trip along the Rhine Monday Night, organized as part of the GMF.

I had not planned on taking pictures there necessarily, I wanted to take the night off and just enjoy the buffet, the view, the music, But I brought my camera along anyway, just to take a few pictures here and there maybe, just in case And I so glad I did. Who could have known that this lady, a Nigerian TV journalist, would do a video reporting from the boat trip, used louis vuitton purses ebay with a bright yellow light shining on her, in bright pink lipstick and a sailor hat, with everything else lit in dark blue, basically begging to be photographed.

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