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    Louis Vuitton Women Handbags Top Handles Top Handles Infinity M92273

Louis Vuitton Women Handbags Top Handles Top Handles Infinity M92273

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Generous and roomy, and with several multi-carry options, the Speedy Bandouliere 35 is a bag to suit any event. Its versatility is matched by its delightfully fresh Damier Azur canvas.
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Some thoughts and impressions from the News Impact Forum in Amsterdam Everything is better with Spongebob: My favorite slide from a NISAMS presentation.

We were in the middle of preparing our last show I was frantically trying to turn two and a half hours of audio recordings into a four minute radio piece when Ramon (the head of the DW volo program) called and asked if I maybe wanted to go the News Impact Summit in Amsterdam (or NISAMS, for short). Our trainer Guy had a ticket but couldn go. A conference on the future of journalism? With people from New York Times and Zeit In Amsterdam? Of course I wanted to go. There was one catch, though: The conference would start in less than 20 hours, at 9 in the morning on the next day. the conference in Amsterdam, there were five panel sessions, with seven events to choose from. The panelists were a mix of Dutch and international journalists and mediamakers many of them English speakers, but also the art director of Zeit here a collection of impressions great quotes, thoughts, tools, from the conference: videos are here to stay, said to Micah Gelman, the director of editorial video at Washington Post at a panel called New Story Formats: What's Working? Gelman and his team decided that they would produce some videos vertically because they were popular with mobile users, no matter how much vertical videos made us journalists cringe. At the end of this debate, van Dijk said something that really resonated with me: have a moral obligation to report on stories that are important but not popular with users Granted, that nothing new, but important to remember. Lara Ankersmit, Head of Digital at the Dutch public broadcaster talked about how uses Instagram and Snapchat to communicate with a younger audience. They use the format Thursday on Instagram not for personal photos from the past (as it usually used childhood photos, etc.) but rather for historical events. Sounds like a great idea, right? I think it is, too, but when Ankersmit mentioned how they did a Thursday on 9/11, that made me cringe more than a little. Gert Jaap Hoeman, editor in chief of the Dutch online news site had a great mantra on how to manage resources: A newsroom should create videos and infographics that can be used for a long time, for stories that are likely to come up again and again. Again, nothing revolutionarily new, but important to keep in mind. When they handed the questions over to the audience on the panel Meets Stories: Why Does It Matter? I asked Tyson Evans, editor for newsroom strategy at New York Times whether he thought multimedia storytelling was a fad or here to stay, and whether/when we really need to tell stories from a multimedia perspective. Here what he said: Extra elements in multimedia storytelling should be essential to the story, not just decorative. The creative covers of the magazine have apparently made it good replica louis vuitton purses sort of a cult object in the Netherlands louis vuitton purses canada bridging the gap between offline magazine and online world by becoming an Instagram at my stylish weekend! photo favorite. Repost: een dag, wat een cadeautje! Na een lunch bij de Vierbannen, lekker thuis komen. Kacheltje, kaarsjes aan, muziek, lezen in mijn favoriete krant. Nov 2015 um 9:09 Uhr Haika Hinze, Art Director at Zeit also presented some amazingly creative packaging of journalistic stories: I can believe I missed this and will now go looking for in the archives at DW. The economic section of the Zeit had comic starring Angela Merkel as a time traveler visiting different economic thinkers throughout history a while ago isn that just the most brilliant idea?! Look!Matt Cooke from the Google News Lab Team held a panel on Trends Best Practice Visuals from the Media Industry He talked about the use of several Google tools for journalists: Google Trends (regional and global trends can serve as a guideline in morning newsroom meetings because they show what people are interested in and what information they need) Google Public Data Google My Maps Google Fusion Tables (a tool to turn data tables into data visualization) Google Street View (if you click on the upper left corner in Street View, you can choose a time when pictures where taken of the place you are looking at thus providing a tool with which to illustrate how a place has changed over time). Like I mentioned above, the New Impact Summit is co organized by the Google louis vuitton amazon handbag News Lab. Matt Cooke presentation was quite convincing all the tools he mentioned did sounded useful, convenient. But it was also a bit the energy Google invests in getting journalists on its side, and it even more worryinghow depended we as journalists are on Google.

It where all our research starts, and knowing that the budgets for good software are in most newsrooms, these free Google Tools seem, really, louis vuitton shoes used pretty great. Also, speaking of the power of Google, no joke: I just googled journalism influence criticism to find articles critical of Google power over journalists. (Would it surprise you none of the search results where really what I was looking for?) During a discussion on "How to Connect Designers, Technologists and Journalists?", Libby Bawcombe, newly appointed senior visual product designer at "NPR", said something great about why designers can and should be an important part of every modern media organization:.

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